8 Intereseting Tips For Healthy Travel

All of us travel to have ‘that’ time of life and memories for a lifetime. Until and unless we have a healthy body and hassle free mind, it may turn into a nightmare. Nobody wants to travel with a massive headache, broken leg or unnecessary stress. Healthy travel would always be a dream coming true for every one of us. Here are some of the tips for healthy travel and make the most of the travelling time enjoyable.

1Know The Place

The Internet so handy these days, Google, lonely planet or check Wiki voyage or other travel sites before you set your foot out. It helps you to know the weather of the places on your itinerary. Be extra sure to know the weather of hill stations too. Many packed up for a winter and snowfall.but they have ended up in scorching heat. If you are travelling by train, bus or car make sure about the weather that follows en-route.(I like this….)

2Know Your Body

You know what suits your body more than anyone. If you feel cold often, pack your warm clothes, put that extra pair of gloves if your hand freezes quickly. In case you are hitting beaches, put a big bottle of sunscreen with good SPF and UVA protect. Take medication stock for your chronic diseases like diabetes or blood pressure.  Or any other medications you need on regular basis. Putting a paper slip about your chronic ailment if any and the tablet/pill you are carrying may be indicated in that piece which will enable in the case of you falling.

3Indulge In Adventure and Sports

Bungee jumping may not be for faint hearted ones. If you think you can’t take a plunge, don’t push yourself because everyone else is doing it. Engage in any adventure sports once you are sure that you are fit to it. Safety gears are a must for any adventure sports to avoid injuries. You do not want to end up in bed for the rest of your trip and the coming days also. Such tips you can find from trip adviser

4Get Your Medication intact for healthy travel

For healthy travel, pack right. Keep few things in your bag like First aid kit some conventional medicines for flu or cold relievers. Consider taking medicines for diarrhea or upset stomach medication.  Pain relievers, such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. Motion sickness or high altitude sickness medication, Insect repellent and cough syrups. Keep contact number of your doctor handy, in the case of mishaps or sudden health issues. Your healthy travel keeps going till you reach home.

5Eat And Drink Right

There will be many temptations to try everything in a new place. Make sure you have the food which keeps you healthy. Fruits are always healthy options when you travel. Don’t over eat just because it is a buffet. Gulping down tons of wine glasses because they come free is not a good idea for healthy travel.

Keep your daily travel plan in mind while eating. Eat light if you are going through high altitude areas or serpentine hilly roads. Always opt for bottled water to stay healthy. This one saved many from falling ill.

6Keep Your Brain Healthy and Take Rest

There are a lot of tourist attraction, and you don’t want to miss any. It does not mean you will travel all the time ignoring your sleeping cycle. For healthy travel- take proper rest, sleep well. Missing a place or two is okay. Sore, puffy eyes, headache and lousiness are results of ignoring your good rest routine.

Don’t take too much of stress regarding your work while travelling, spend right, and, it will save you the post-shopping guilt and stress.

7Don’t Hesitate to Ask

When in doubts, ask around. Be it the new food you want to try, ask manager or waiter what are the ingredients. Ask the fellow traveler before you visit places around. First-hand experiences help you to know what to carry and some good advice on the beautiful spot if you are in luck. Such tips for healthy travel may give you the confidence to roam around at an unknown place.

8 Health Insurance is essential for Healthy Travel

If you are travelling abroad, there are various insurance companies to help on this. Make sure you are with the right one. Carefully research your needs and verify the terms and conditions. Go to the limitations, exclusions and requirements of your insurance policy. All these steps need to be taken before you leave the country.

Though one has to meet any eventuality unforeseen, it is very much helpful for the traveller to have a small planning beforehand with the available information and inputs which will be of immense help.

As John Steinbeck said, “A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” Be prepared for every situation and relax to stay happy and healthy on your next trip.