Measures to create a positive culture in the family

As a father, have you ever wondered how do you tie together your family being the main member of your family? Have you ever wondered how to imbibe the importance of positive culture and traditions for your kids? Are you the kind of person who constantly gives the push and the motivation for your family, especially your kids?  Building a positive culture among your family members does not happen all of a sudden. It is built over years. It starts from day one. It starts with the getting out of your bed till you kiss your kids goodnight. It becomes your sole and primary responsibility to build and unite your family in every possible way.

There are certain families which tie them together always. They build a wonderful ambiance at home for their kids to grow. Every member of the family would love to stick on to the house in every possible way. Parents of such families are always happy and willing to support and help each other and their kids in every possible manner. The kids which are brought up in this way are accommodative in every possible way and stick on to their parents’ wish in all possible ways. Each and every member of the family truly loves and respects each other’s feeling. It is not that these people do not have problems or independent desires, but they support each other during their struggles and get bonded to each other. The main reason behind this is that the head of the family needs to incorporate certain habits from the very beginning. When it is said as ‘the head’ sometimes, the mother raises the kids in a good number of cases as the father does.

It might seem a little formal when we talk about meetings happening at a family level. We all would have heard the term ‘work culture’. Most of us stick on to certain work for a real time, provided this work culture is amicable. That is when we get a job satisfaction.  But the term culture  is just not applicable only to corporate world. It is very much applicable at our family end. There are important values and morals you need to incorporate as the head of the family. As a corporate institution thrives because of a team work, a family too can thrive successfully, by “incorporating” others in the family too.

This article would give an insight into those particular daily habits which will help you build values and morals. This would a positive culture in your kid.

1Do not permit excuses for not celebrating:

There are many things which you can do together with your family members. This could be the basic house chores like singing some songs together when you go for a drive or  conducting a race among the family members to check who puts the clothes in laundry first. It could even be playing together during a rain.  It is found that families which play and do such activities together coordinate in a better way. These families find easy ways to handle their problems during their times of trouble.  Nothing more to the fun you can have this way.

2Your tone talks a lot about the positive culture:

We need to always remember that our tone impacts every member of our family. I understand we all have ups and downs in many situations. But as a father, and a mother, we need to understand that kids don’t just listen to you, they observe you. They pick up things from you. Don’t blame anyone, but yourself if your kid tends to have a tough tone against anyone. A certain level of composure is all that is needed when we have a rough patch of life.

Maintaining a cool temperament in your tone. This could be starting from simple things like reducing the volume of the television or in insisting on going to the bed in proper time. Being assertive and having an assertive tone is the most important thing. Just remember your tone runs in your family.  

3Family dinner creates the bond:

Family dinner is one of the strongest tools to bring your family members together. The dining table and a common vessel set with a lot of ingredients make the bondage real. A sense of sharing and togetherness is in the air there.  Thus helps a lot in building a positive environment among the family members. Here every member has their chance to sit together and have a face to face conversation with each other. Make sure you do not get your mobile phones to your dining table. Remember to switch off your television during your dinner time. Mild music is okay. It soothes the mood. You could share what happened at your workplace and ask your kids as to what happened in their school.

Now here is the place and time when the bonding is strengthened, there are absolutely no distractions. The kids learn the value of positive culture and respecting each other’s feeling and learn the importance of values and morals the best this way.

4Do not belittle even the youngest kid’s thought:

It is very important to remember, never to belittle anybody’s thoughts or ideas in your family. You might know about the problems and situations. Yet it is important to give an ear to all the members of your family before taking any decision.This would surely imbibe a positive culture among members of your family. Try respecting and understanding each other’s passion and areas of interest. Listening to the other members make them also to lend ears to others in times.

Your daughter’s interest in learning salsa may not sound as important to you as the meeting  your office or getting a furniture for your room. However, try taking time and start listening to her when she talks about salsa. Show your inclination towards your kid’s passion. You never know You might be her godfather by all means. Your kids would excel well in whatever they do, provided you show interest in what they are doing

We have discussed on the importance of a father incorporating the sense of morals and culture to his kid and his family.  We truly know how to bring and keep reviving the bond in the family. Continue  incorporating positive good values for your kids from this minute. Bring up kids who would build a confidence and moral in himself and learn to serve the family and the nation. Let’s learn to imbibe values and lets do it with a smile from day one. Happy Positive culturing!