Diet and activities to improve your kid’s memory

Activities and kids memory

How excited you feel to know that your kid has just by-hearted his school poem? It is really a news that fills you with joy and you want to tell it to the whole world. Nothing could be more treasured than knowing that your kid is learning and building his memory. A strong memory is an indication of the good health of one of the most vital organ of the body i.e. brain. Being a parent, it is your duty to inculcate such brain activities and diet to strengthen the memory of your kids. There are many brain-related activities, fun learning games, and ideas to improve your kids memory. Certain brain foods might help in developing kids memory, in addition to enhancing the cerebrum capacity, understanding the small concepts, and boosting the focus.

Indeed, the mind is an exceptionally hungry organ. It is the first of the body’s organs to absorb nutrients from the nourishment we eat. In a way to give all the best things like learning, surrounding, diet and care, we often miss to care for the physical and mental exercises to be carried out with our kids. These physical and mental exercises are so important that these may become deciding factors shaping  your child’s IQ. Check this questionnaire to know how is the brain of your kid developing?

  • Does your kid take  time more than required to respond to a question?
  • Do numbers trouble your kids?
  • Does your kid experience difficulties in solving his math puzzles?
  • Does he regularly overlook what he needs to say?
  • Does he dislike his color box game puzzles?

If answers to these questions are ’yes’, then you are required to care for a proper development of your kids memory. You can do this while completing your household or office works too.

Some of the activities, to build your kids memory power

Your child is learning every minute. He has a developing mind. He has an active emerging brain. His mind will shape-up by the environment, communication, behaviors that he is seeing all around. Thus, it is immensely required to perform some day-to-day activities with your kid.

Recreations utilizing visual memory.

kids memory gamesVision is an important blessing of God. It makes a bigger impact upon memory building cells of our brain. Visual memory enables you to recall or remember the details of what you have seen. For this, you can give your kid a mathematical table page or board and ask him to circle the single digit ‘2’ in it. Other way provide him with a magazine page and ask him to underline ‘an’ or ‘and’ in it. On the other hand, you can ask him simple questions like ‘which dress you wore yesterday?’ or ‘what you had in food last night?’ It will enable the kid to an emphasis on the past activities and sharpen his memory. When you plan to induce his memory power, ensure that your actions are of interest to the kid, funny and enjoyable, but for that, the kid may give up that exercise itself and hate such attempts.

Check upon his ‘imagination’ abilities.

Narrate a story or an incidence to your kid by urging him to make a photo of what he’s simply understood. Suppose you described a flower to him. Ask him about the color of flower he thought before completing your narration. Another way, you can also ask him to draw that photo. As he shows signs of improvement at imagining, he can begin portraying the picture to you as opposed to drawing it. This will assist in building his imaginations while listening to it.

Improving on his designing ability

kids memory by designingStructures and shapes are an important part in developing your kids memory. They may remember the drawing life-long where they learn the difference between a rectangle and a square. It may be a page from their math or a drawing book. At the point when your youngsters perceive connections in the middle of new and formal learning, their brains can interface the new data with a class of existing information for long haul stockpiling. Outlines, mental aides, posting, analogies and contrasts help in the construction of long-term memory in kids brain.

Decision-making ability by Card-playing

kids memory by card playingFast thinking often termed as a working memory of our brain can be easily enhanced by certain games like cards. There are various types of cards like Uno, business cards, crazy eights and Go Fish. Your kid needs to remember the standards of the amusement, additionally needs to recollect what cards he has and which ones other individuals have played. This way it will help in the development of selection and decision part of your kids memory.

Building up the relational memory of your kids.

An inter-relationship among facts, figures and data are an essential exercise for an actively growing mind. Our mind keeps data in transient memory for not exactly a moment unless it associates with earlier information. Actuate your kid’s former information by helping him to remember things you’ve done as a family or that he’s scholarly in different subjects that identify with the new data.

As an example activity, you may give a short description of a dining table as it makes a part of our house furniture, it has four legs, it has a flat top, and likewise providing him with closer hints till he guesses the item. You can every time choose to describe a new thing, not repeating the earlier ones. This way he will enjoy such activities.

Makeup recreations including categorizing.

kids memory by word gamesWhenever words and thoughts are put into classes, they’re less demanding to recall. Include such activities as a part of his daily learning in an environment of joyfulness It will force him to think and check on his recalling ability.

You can ask him to ‘name five largest animals of the world’. This will help him in categorizing animals by making a class of large animals. He will focus on three major things of this activity i.e. ‘name’, ‘five’, ‘largest animal’. You can consider playing such recreations with more confounded ideas.

Mental manipulation for long-term memory

kids memory by playingOnce the data gets to the higher speculation mind, your kid must accomplish something with it to construct lasting recollections. Your kids can compose rundowns of new data in their own words. Kids memory can easily be improved by games like ‘I-Spy’, ‘Simon says’ etc.

Practice will make your kids perfect

kids memory by cyclingInformation from each of the learning is put away in a part of the cerebrum particular to that sense. The hearing, listening, smelling, touching are all governed by separate sections of the brain. Hence, include such practices that will build your kid’s diverse practice. Activities like running in a single track on a ground will enable on improving his body balancing ability. Similarly, you can ask him to sing-a-song or poem that he has recently learned. This way his nerve cells will store the information in different cerebrum locales. Your youngsters’ brains will fabricate numerous pathways prompting the putaway memory, which makes recovery more proficient.

Make him sensible

kids memory by tree plantingHelp your kid to build on his emotions and feelings. It could be either to the pets or trees. This way he will be more alert and aware of surroundings. Offer him some assistance with connecting sentiments to what he’s attempting to recollect. Make him plant a tree and ask him to water it regularly by explaining him the importance of water and sunlight for trees. He will feel connected to the trees, its fruits, and to nature overall.In simpler and easier terms teach him virtues like ‘don’t pluck flowers’, don’t throw stones on birds or pets’. His memory will absorb in such a way he would quote it on others when they tend to violate.

Diet Tips to build your kids memory

Memory-boosting trips and activities are only a percentage of the ways you can enhance your kid’s official working abilities. Nourishments are another essential part that should never be left upon. Developing bodies need numerous sorts of supplements. Here is the list of such super foods, which will offer in sharpening your kids memory. Even an efficient Geography teacher cannot impart information to the kids memory than an interesting tour or picnic imparting things around.


Top hot oats with basically anything like fruit purée or dried fruits or banana chunks. Oats may serve to improve on your kids memory by offering him with a great start. Try to experiment your oats cooking by making it sweet or salt to taste, so that your kid enjoys it to the fullest.


kids memory by eating salmonThis greasy fish is an astounding wellspring of the omega-3 unsaturated fats DHA and EPA. Omega-3 are the direct nutrients for brain cells. Both of these fatty acids are vital for cerebrum development and capacity. Many research works have demonstrated that individuals who get a greater amount of these unsaturated fats in their eating regimen have more keen personalities and improve at mental aptitudes tests.

Black beans

Apart from being a good source of fibers and vitamins, black beans are rich in proteins which help in the synthesis of a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. It thus helps in fast transmission of nerve signals.

Peanut butter

Peanuts are again a good source of healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids build up the nerve cells and also in their development. Peanut also provides a decent wellspring of vitamin E, a strong antioxidant. It thus ensures proper sensory and cerebrum connection.


kids memory eating nourishmentsNothing could be as good as to eat a bowl full of varieties of berries in it. Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are a healthy, mindful offering nutrient to develop your kids memory. Berries have elevated amounts of cell reinforcement’s ingredient i.e. vitamin C. This helps to reduce the chances of memory loss.

Dairy products

Dairy nourishments are pressed with protein and vitamin-B. These are key for the development of cerebrum tissue, neurotransmitters, and catalysts. Being a parent, you must include such products in your kid’s diet. Milk and yogurt likewise furnish a greater punch with both protein and sugars – the favored wellspring of vitality for the mind.

Colorful Veggies

kids memory by eating veggiesKids get attracted to colors always. There is a big connection between colors and mind. Similarly colored vegetables offer a developing mind with essential nutrients. Green-spinach, red-tomatoes, pink-sweet potatoes and orange-pumpkin hide profound nutrient in its shading. Include these veggies as a part of your kid’s diet and give them a healthy start.

A growing kid needs utmost care and so his developing brain. The best toy you can offer your kid is your assistance for all the time when he needs you. It’s better to watch him carefully instead of interrupting him. Persistence and perseverance will certainly ripe as sweet fruits in the future. The brain is an important organ of the body. Common activities like outing, picnic, friends gathering, and family meetings can make them learn some of the big lessons of the life.