Sipping piping-hot vegetable soup anytime superior to thirst-quenching juice.

It’s very true that both are the liquid form of green veggies that becomes boring sometimes to eat as such and you get puzzled whether to choose vegetable soup or juice. Let’s solve this puzzle now.

One of the experts claimed that there is nothing wrong with drinking your vegetables so long as you include their fibrous skin, seeds, and rind or outer cover. And other said that juice contains the real extract of these green veggies with vitamins and minerals.

A pureed vegetable soup is a warm juice.  Now I am not going to get into the raw vs cooked debate so if you want your food raw, keep juicing.  When pureed vegetable soup come in a variety of flavours and colours, using minimal ingredients, and gets quickly prepared, then they calms your throat, food pipe and even stomach.  Best of all, they can be frozen and thawed or even heated in a microwave whenever you need them.

What are a vegetable soup and a juice?

KohlrabiPhoto- vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is the hot and steamed extracts of green vegetables. On the other hand, the juice is the blend of these fibrous vegetables or fruits. Each has its own essence contained in it. Vegetable soup is providing you a full extract of vitamin and minerals which cannot be formed in the case of juice. Also, the raw blend of vitamins and minerals present in juice gives you a different edge. Let’s see these comparison points here:

  • One thing to keep in mind is that consuming whole plants is not just about providing vital nutrients and important phytochemicals.  It can also help with weight loss and maintenance since fiber has been shown to deliver a feeling of fullness by helping to control blood sugar levels by slowing down the digestive process and lowering the level of calories.
  • Your juice is most of the time contained with a lot of sugar which is very harmful to the body, as it causes diabetes and also brings about early wrinkling of your skin when during the aging process.
  •  In terms of general health, souping can actually be a bit healthier for detoxification compared to juicing for one basic reason: vegetable soup retain fiber. “Fiber is crucial for feeding your microbiome which is the term for good gut bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for the strength of your immune system. Fiber also plays a key role in moving toxins out of your body, since it bulks up the stool and literally cleans the walls of your intestinal tract. Fiber also helps to anchor your blood sugar, making you less hungry throughout the day while consuming fewer calories.”
  • Let me start by favouring juices this time that I have nothing against juicing so long as you add the woolly fibrous mess of fruit pulp added to your juice.  Something I’m sure most juicers do.  My problem with juicing is that it’s just not satisfying.  For me, a cold beverage can never take the place of a warm aromatic dish.  And this is where my vegetable soup comes in.
  • Here is the one more thing about my pureed  vegetable soup, you have to blend and whip and puree until the soup gets light and frothy. It’s the most comforting texture in the world with a bright flavor to match.  I bet here that you will hardly be able to match the taste of hot and sour in a hungry stomach. So just grab a bowl of your favourite flavour the next time you sit to take a meal. In the case of juice, the blender does the work for you so taking away the taste of juice with its cutting blades.

spring-pea- vegetble soup

  • Now it’s the time to include the rich aroma that comes with  vegetable soup.  Well, first of all, heating up vegetable releases the aromatic compounds that are trapped in the plant cells resulting in aromas and flavours you just don’t get from raw cold vegetables.  And if it tastes good, you are going to eat more of it.
  • My pureed vegetable soup use the entire vegetable, including skins and seeds, which keeps the vegetables as close to their natural state as possible preserving their vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  It also guarantees the presence of potential phytochemicals, which are not essential but play a crucial role in promoting health and preventing disease.
  • In the colder months, soups can also help you to feel fuller and satisfied since they are warm and soothing. According to Ayurveda, the Indian medicinal system, warm purees and soups are also a boon for digestion, since they stoke the ‘agni’ or fire of your digestive system, unlike cold drinks that can ‘extinguish’ the potency of your digestion and even give you cramps, as claimed by one of the studies.
  • Now thinking of your pocket and being economical. It’s a lot cheaper to brew a big pot of soup with a few veggies than to buy all the fruits and veggies you need for one glass of juice. Just, to say for example, a soup of beet and cucumber has colour, minerals and antioxidants and importantly cheaper while it is compared with the apple or orange juice.
  • Your body needs a regular cleaning and detoxifying jobs so you can just recharge and cleanse with this warm bowl of soup, as juice provides you with fibres, but soup provides you with both like a needful veggie extract along with your fibre punch.

Final words to include here that, I like soup more than plain steamed veggies, because of the flavours intermixing and it stays hot longer, and it is so comforting. So let’s hang out with friends for an evening party to start with a nutritive bowl of soup this weekend for my folks. Gonna be glorious!