Guidelines to be adhered for a secure and safe travel. Bon Voyage!

How will you feel, when you are unable to have a safe travel or enjoy your travel due to sickness? You were so excited that it will be your first ever adventurous trip and you had planned and prepared everything beforehand. But just after 7-8 hours of its beginning, you fell sick. This sickness can be of any type like fever, abdominal pain, an injury, body pain, vomiting etc. The main thing more regrettable than becoming ill is becoming ill in an outside nation. You’re a long way from your family, your bed, and the specialist who knows you since before you could walk. It is not at all the time to panic or sit back with an upset mood but it is the time to manage it. Diagnosing disorder ought to, obviously, be left to medicinal experts, yet here are a couple bits of non-therapeutic expert exhortation to help you manage any not as much as life-debilitating issues that might come to your direction.

There you are caught and here you have the plan on how to act the next time. But, before you start with your trip, check these travel care suggestions and get ready for the fight with a couple proactive tips which would assist you with safe travel.

1Keep a duplicate of your medical information document:

One of my travel mates has been disparaged on numerous events by different individuals from different nations for not knowing her own particular blood group. You are advised to carry your medical details with you, not the original but the duplicate one. Hence, and only for general wellbeing, it’s a brilliant thought to have your essential therapeutic data like blood group, hypersensitivities, specific medication etc. ready in an effectively open spot, similar to your wallet. Try not to anticipate that a specialist will figure just by taking a glimpse at you, particularly in case you’re excessively debilitated, making it impossible to talk.

2A basic knowledge of medical language is must:

Numerous clinics might have somebody who communicates in English, yet would you say you are willing to wager your life on it? Regardless of the fact that you don’t talk the neighborhood dialect, ensure you, in any event, have some essential medicinal vocabulary recorded some place. Although it is impossible to learn the language of the place you are touring, but medical terms are commonly written in English only. It will be easier than to differentiate between ‘pain and trauma’, in that case. For a safe travel care, it is also essential that you get a good company.

3Carry essential medicines for a safe travel:

You will certainly not forget to carry a first aid box containing an ointment, razor, Band-Aid, saline, soap and gloves. But apart from this, you also need specific medicines for ailments like asthma, allergy, loose motion, vomiting etc. Clarifying a penicillin hypersensitivity is much less demanding when you know how to say “penicillin,” so don’t put it off until you require it? Indeed, even basic things like Dramamine can be hard to discover, so stash them in your bag previously as a sanity check.

4Attempt to know ‘the nuts and bolts’ of their medicinal framework:

As per movies, we might know what is mouth to mouth respiration? But we also should know about other basic methods. A clear distinction of aid provided for a burn casualty and an accidental casualty is important.  Ask a nearby or a kindred expat who’s been in that area longer than you so you have a fundamental thought what’s in store on the off chance that you ever do end up in a neighborhood healing center. Realizing that treatment for specific things is free is a colossal advantage, particularly in case you’re tight on money.

5Get ready with your insurance as a travel care need:

Protection is a unique thing, something that we consider as having a place with old individuals, or possibly individuals who claim things like houses and autos. Youthful, solid voyagers needn’t bother with medical coverage, isn’t that so? All things considered, beyond any doubt, the chances are that you won’t get an accident in your trip. Suppose on your travel partner may need it. As per safe travel care, you should advise your friends and near and dear ones to get their travel insurance done. Paying for medical coverage might appear to be irritating when you needn’t bother with it, yet it’ll pay off big in the event that you ever do.

In case the situation is not controllable, you need to get a medical help rather than going over-burdened, and try to stay quiet and look for help. Carrying a travel care booklet or checklist might also prove to be helpful.

Visit a nearby medical center immediately in case you get to see any of the below-mentioned situation with your travel partner or your friend:

  • You find a high fever of 1020F or above.
  • You find diarrhea or abdominal cramps.
  • You find an animal attack or scratch over your skin.
  • You have been in an auto collision
  • You find a sexual attack
  • You have been genuinely harmed

This is not generally as simple as it sounds, particularly in case you’re living in a remote town six hours drive time from the nearest healing center. While that can be scary, recollect that you’re not the principal individual in that area to ever make the excursion to the healing center and that there is no transportation to be found. It might be a rough six-hour car ride, yet do what you need to do to get yourself there. Keep in mind that not all drivers in all nations are as mindful or conscious toward ambulances as those in the most of the developed nations. Now and again you’ll arrive speedier in a taxi. Also, note down some of the 24*7 numbers to help you in getting assistance at the right time.

On the off chance that you are harmed or turn out to be sick on an excursion, you might be on a plane, a boat, or in an outside nation when your wellbeing emergency strikes. On the off chance that you are new to the range in which you are voyaging, or new to the neighborhood dialect, it can be dubious to locate a medicinal consideration supplier who can help, so it’s critical for explorers to see some essential guidelines and ventures to take as per safe travel care.

As per your travel care, let’s quickly check the dos and don’t list while you are sick on your trip.


  • Do attempt and bring a companion who talks the nearby dialect.
  • Do keep sterile syringes on you. They take up next to no room and are irreplaceable the time the doctor’s facility or specialist has come up short on clean needles.
  • Do eat roadside food frequently. And, don’t forget to alter it with some fruit punch too to make up for your fiber content.
  • You should know about ‘The Art of Staying Clean and Healthy While Traveling’. No countrymen will like to see their land to be a dirty place by outsiders.
  • Do carry a few acidophilus or probiotics tablets with you.


  • Try not to get the attention of the road-siders especially when you are coming back to your living arrangement late around evening time.
  • Try not to expect eye contact in the city in specific nations as in a few areas this might bring about “sudden or undesirable” welcomes.
  • Try not to pack your key reports or medical report in your usual carry bag, keep it safely in your hotel room.
  • Try not to joke about bombs or about snuck things – airplane terminal powers won’t find that entertaining nor other authorities.
  • Ladies are once in a while focuses of provocation – don’t turn into an objective:
    • Travel with a few men
    • Dress conservatively
    • Try not to consent to meet outsiders in non-open spots
  • Try not to nod off in the doctor’s facility holding up the room.
  • Don’t move above 5000m, for three weeks in succession when you have extreme bronchitis. Thus, don’t climb a mountain obliging you to lift yourself up steep stepping stools or ropes when you have a few wounded ribs.
  • Don’t be a trap of food poisoning due to unavoidable eating. It might take a toll on you when you are going to leave upon a 3-day car travel. It won’t be lovely.

Start your travel, when all things fall into its proper place. You do not need to be in a rush to pack your bags, as you may forget one or the other thing. Start your packing at least 4-5 days before travel. Sit down in a place, jot down the points what you may need and then plan to purchase it. A well-planned idea will have certainly been well executed. So relax and pack. Once done, enjoy your trip and be ready to face any random situation occurring that time.