Learning is fun if it happens through fun activities

As a parent of a 4-year-old, I understand that every other parent is in an effort to search for those unique and different methods to teach or distract their kids. We all need a break from our regular routine and need some kinds of fun activities to engage and educate our toddlers. These kinds of fun activities need to engage both the kids and the parents. It needs to be a kind of fun activity wherein the toddler equally enjoys it as well as has a learning curve to it.

We can try and expose our toddlers to any of the fun activities starting from our home. It could vary from anything like folding clothes, placing the dish in the washer to counting the spoons in the tray. The main purpose of doing these kinds of fun activities is to make the kids unconsciously aware of their learning process. Its gets into their system and eventually they would start enjoying such fun activities.

fun activities playingNow we would all wonder can learn to be fun? Of course, it could be. It all depends on the parents to streamline the activities of the kids. Introduce such fun activities to make it as interesting as possible for the kids. These kinds of activities which start at our own home give the kid a wonderful exposure to learning activities. Further, since these kinds of fun activities are done at home the kids do not have any inhibition to the quest of learning.

In his article, I would talk about those kinds of fun activities which can assist the kids to totally help the children. It might be anything from language skills, learning to understand and improves their cognitive skills. These kind to fun activities develops the kids to face  the outer world in a more confident way.

There was a small video clip of a teacher in a kindergarten school teaching numerical 1 to 10 to be memorised by the kids. After 3 attempts of not so much success, she asks the kids to thump on the desk one time and say 1 and do so again saying 2 and there on up to 10. Every kid did it with high interest and in their full throats, they thumped the desks and learnt the numbers 1 to 10.

Visual clips with exhibitions of flowers, rivers, fish and wild animals can make the toddlers learn as if it from a teacher. They learn it with enthusiasm and fun. The gaining of input through them remains very strongly in their memory.

1Tell a story:

This is one of the interesting fun activities to be started at home. You simply need to use the various objects available at your house. It could be a cover or a bag. Try collecting the various items in your house like the balls, pens, stuffed toys, dolls etc and fill it in the bag in front of the kid.

Now start removing each item and try to tell a story not more than a line about the item which has been picked.

It might so happen that you might have to start with the story. In due course of time, you will be truly amazed at the kind of creativity and imaginary power your kid would have developed.

2Try music with your drinking glass:

All that you need for this is two to three drinking glasses, some water, and one or two spoons.

Try to fill in the glasses. Just remember  that you should not fill in the different glasses with the same amount of water. Vary the quantity of water in each glass.

Now make your kid hold the spoon and ask him/her to slowly tap the glasses with the spoon. You could assist your kids with this fun activity.

The child will develop a special kind of interest in music and listening skills  and at times he might even produce his own tunes. Interesting isn’t it?

3Fun activities for learning to listen:

This activity is all the more fun and is pretty simple to perform.

An English teacher in Asian countries go with the kids to the play area and speak to them to “hold the ball, drop the ball, kick the ball, OK let us stop, let us play” etc. The next time or times, the kids themselves use these words with the full understanding of these words.

Try to close the eyes of your child with a strand of cloth. Using a spoon or a stick tap mildly on the various objects of your house. The objects could be anything ranging from table, sofa or television etc. Let your child guess the sound  of the object.

This improves the listening skills and identifying skills of your kids.

4Treasure hunt at home:

All that you need for this game are the existing toys of your kids.

This could be a wonderful game to be played on an extremely sunny day or the rainy day where you cannot get out of your house. Cook up a story for the kid and hide the toys of your kids in different house zones. Give your kid a clue to start with a place some toy which gives the lead to another place of the house where another toy would be kept. Help your kid to track their toys one by one with a story.

The child develops a strength to search and relate to the story told.This activity improves the balancing and listening skill of you kids

5Board Activities:

Yes as the name suggests this fun activity involves the presence of a wooden board, some nails, hammer and few elastic strings.

The game involves hammering the nails on his board. now let the creativity of your kid start playing its game. Ask your kids to design anything by wrapping the bands around the nails in any manner possible. Let your child decide on which design he needs to create from the nail pattern.

Do not pin the nail in a haphazard fashion. Make sure you pin the nails in rows  and columns so that the child’s mind avoids any confusion.

It is mandatory for the parents to stay with your kids during this fun activity to avoid any mishaps, as it involves sharp items like nails.

Learning through fun activities can be real fun for both you as well as your kids. This kind of learning creates an understanding and amicability between the parents and the kids. We have listed a few activities in this article. There are  still many activities. It is up to you to provoke your creativity and give the best possible fun game activity for your kid. Nurture your kid  with the best possible fun activity possible! Enjoy growing up with your kid!