5 Things to be avoided in a Weight Loss Program

You can see many posters in public places inviting to weight loss program. Fashion has started to make appear slim and trim with the weight off and less since people are prompt. Later the body is taken off the road of attractiveness. If dieting and exercises are done wrong, the weight loss program may be more harmful than to remain obese or with extra weight. It may be incorrect to say that because of weight, more and more problems are there, than the weight loss.

People regret at a later period for selecting the wrong path of getting faster results. This fact befits to those indulge in sudden weight and flesh loss.  If you are struggling to reduce weight, have a look at these five tips which you should not accept or try

1Crash Dieting

This is an old-fashioned style. Many people believe that the control of diet means eating less than the body needs for remaining sane and healthy in a common way. Doing this can slow your digestion ability of the body. Our body requires energy to operate all systems that it must get from ‘somewhere’. The ‘somewhere’ is nothing but the simple, healthy balanced diet on your table(I use this….). Sometimes it melts the muscles of the body to gain required energy. Body start getting calcium from bone if you do not supply. Skin start becoming dull. Hair, nails and skin get dried and become ugly. Starving due to unscientific dieting may result in permanent health disorders and sickness according to Health experts.

2One Diet Plan for Weightloss

There is a new fashion of eating only one kind of food to lose weight. Like Banana Diet, Apple Diet, Carrot diet. It is like that ‘You can choose the one thing – that is not giving balanced nutrition to the body. The body does not need anything with 2-5 items’. Such weight loss diet plan can decrease the level of hormones and enzymes. This is due to insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, and later body’s efficiency decreases. Low-calorie items do not contain the combination of required proteins, carbohydrates and fat to sustain the body. According to research, a combined diet of multi colour food is necessary. The multi colour is available in so many vegetables and fruits as Nature’s gift.  The diet should comprise of vitamins, minerals, fibres, protein and carbohydrate. They are aplenty in not so costly healthy vegetables and fruits.

3High Protein Diet

People have started eating high protein diet when they come to know it melts bone and muscles when starving. Muscles gain strength and remain the same with protein throughout the dieting of starving. But, this theory has several disadvantages like negative side effects. Kidney needs to take the workload of taking out amino acid eliminated during the process of digestion of protein. It can also attract joint pain. Staying on the diet for a long time can lead to kidney damage too.

4Weight Loss Pills

Intake of fewer calories food makes your body weak. Some people continue to starve with weight loss pills. Slimming tablets for weight loss take control of your hunger, kills the nature’s gift of “appetite for food”  and you do not feel hungry naturally. There are cases of people, then, who rush to physicians to “get appetite”. Such tablets decrease appetite of food intake. Multi-vitamin tablets meet the shortage of vitamins and minerals. The brain is not getting enough nutrition when you apply this formula. It will affect your mind in the long run.

5Only Exercises

Doing only exercises will not help you to control weight, but you need to control your diet with balanced nutrition. The balance of food and exercise may help you to get your desired body weight. Only exercises may dehydrate your body and reduce your work efficiency. Precisely to say that burning of calories by simple exercises and bringing in calories by balanced diet makes one lead a joyful life with a “Normal” physique.(Read this….)

How can you kick the mindless eating habit?
“First, try to get out of the habit of always eating something. Especially while you are sitting and relaxing,” says Gidus. “Try a cup of tea, glass of water, or chew a piece of sugarless gum. If you want a snack, part it out of the bag or container.”