7 Tips to care, when taking up Paleo diet for weight loss.

It was found that “Linda, a 45-year-old school teacher at a day boarding school, was regularly trying to lose weight from past 8 months. She has been taking many steps like exercising daily, cutting on her fat-based diet, staying away from alcohol and similar things. But her weight did not reduce more than 5 kg in all total. Finally, she started believing that her body has undergone a drastic fat-storing mutation and now it’s hard for her to gain a fit and healthy body. All of a sudden she happened to attend a seminar on Paleo diet. This has changed her mindset and as she started following it, she got to see a remarkable change in her weight.

If you are also on the same track of thinking as Linda, then it is must to gain a complete knowledge about Paleo diet. And undoubtedly you will find many changes in your body in a very less time. The world is suffering from obesity and it is at its peak at this time. The obesity rate has skyrocketed like anything in the past 20 years. If we are worried by that, then we need to closely look at our daily schedules, habits, diet, and physical activity. And surely we will be becoming a more fit and healthier population in the coming years.

What is a ‘Paleo Diet’?

The Paleo diet is actually an advanced way to get the right amount of nutrition into our body. It works with our genes to help us stay lean, strong and energetic. As far as our present days diet is seen, it is full of refined oils, trans fats, and sugars. So we need to take a step to stay away from the ingredients that are meant only for making our body diseased. Start including more of fibers, proteins, and vitamins into your diet. Paleo diet will give its best results as expected and that too in less time. Some counted and proven benefits of the paleo diet are Weight loss, improved blood lipids, and reduced pain from autoimmunity.

Let’s list the points that you need to care about when sticking to this plan for your weight loss program.

Eat enough when you are in paleo diet:

Eat-enough-paleo diet

Most of the people, adopting the paleo diet for the first time believe that less food is always better, as they are following it for weight loss program. But this belief actually deprives your body of the calories and nutrients it needs to function optimally. Thus, it leads to causing additional stress. On the off chance, decreasing your caloric intake too much lowers your resting metabolic rate. It can cause weight loss to stall or even reverse. So the fact of the day is, no matter what program you choose, dieting should not be about starving yourself. Under eating is problematic in any case.

Agreed with the point that care should be taken for your daily calorie intake but appropriate amount of calorie intake is essential for your body.

It is a calorie-meter in itself:

A Paleo diet in itself is more satiating per calorie than other diets. It helps you eat less without fighting hunger or counting calories. You should not be a calorie calculator every time with food on the table. Inevitably you lose the enjoyment of eating. The theory of ‘calories in/calories out’ doesn’t account for nutrient partitioning. But actually, it refers to the way calories are used in your body. Are they burned for providing body’s energy need, or being stored as fat? The process is necessary calories are processed and converted to energy and rest is passed out, by sweat, urine, bowel, and other natural means.It may be that there are two people eating a plate full of almond based dessert. One of them burns the calorie gained to keep his body temperature up while the other stores it as fat. So Paleo diet is meant to provide your body with suggested amount of calories. All you need to is eat an appropriate amount.

Perform physical activities along with it:

Famiyl-exercise-paleo dietMany Paleo newbies think that the diet is enough to help them lose their weight. In their thought, it is like a pain killer medicine, once taken and the pain dies out. But you also need to perform the daily household activities or a regular exercise, in order to see better results. There are a many ways to increase your movement throughout the day. If you take up a habit of moving throughout the day, will not only benefit your weight and promote fat loss, but it will also improve your overall health and reduce your risk for chronic disease.

Eat simple food:

One of the studies has proved that eating simpler food leads to eating less, which in turn helps to shed pounds without much of efforts. Stick to the advice to go by balanced diet only. For protein take meat or fish, for vitamin source, take  plenty of non-starchy vegetables. Similarly, for carbohydrate source eat root vegetables or fruit, and some healthy fat like roasted groundnuts.

On a way to lose weight, you need to save special recipes or dishes for some special occasion and it is better to go by cooking simple dishes that don’t have a cluster of extra ingredients and additional flavoring.

Do not cut on your carb intake:

carb intake-paleo diet

As far as diabetes is concerned, which is directly linked to the amount of your daily carbohydrate consumption, I do not suggest to cut-down on your carb diet. Carbohydrates are very important for building your muscle mass and providing you with instant energy. The excess amount may lead to diabetes, but not in all the cases. You need to stick to a healthy source of it like sweet potatoes and fruit, assisted with enough amount fibers too.

Make your ‘Paleo-pal’

Do not start your Paleo based diet alone. As we are a social creature so it becomes difficult to change our lifestyle without any social support. Use your near and dear ones around you to encourage you. They can greatly increase your success to any major lifestyle change, particularly in the switch to a Paleo mode of diet. Plan for your partner workouts, shares interesting recipes, check each other’s health meter and encourage each other on your journey to a better health.

Manage your daily stress

reduce-stress-paleo diet

You need to focus on managing your daily work and family stress, as any kind of dieting or activity will not give better results with stress. Use mind-body techniques like meditation or yoga. Plan ahead of time to overcome unexpected stress. Use to-do-list for your work preferences, shopping etc. Keep stress off for the long haul, from your daily routine. And you’ll actually be able to enjoy your life while relying on a Paleo diet.

It was seen that when people stick to Paleo diet then there comes a plateau phase where no more reduction in weight occurs. At this time, it is essential to keep following it regularly so that the results are not reversed. There are many ways to optimize a Paleo diet for healthy, sustainable weight loss. Instead of being discouraged and frustrated, you need to stay calm and cool. It takes days to get in shape and months to be able to sustain with it.