Vacationing Along With Your Baby? Things to keep an Eye on.

Are you planning a vacation in this long weekend and you have a baby? Are you worried that the baby may spoil your vacation? Equally, you should be concerned to keep your baby safe and in a good and joyful mood.

It is a regular trend that most couples who have small baby avoid their vacation, outing or travel till their baby is of 2-3 years of age.  Caring for the little ones is time-consuming and a job that needs more than a hundred percent by any parents, especially mother. She becomes the real caretaker of the baby and if she is working she needs any closed ones to care for the little ones at home. Does ‘vacationing’ with your baby sound like a weird task to you? So many suggestions and tips come all in your hand by a simple google click.  You will not be much lonely and stressed to plan your vacation with your baby this time.

Have a fun and stress-free vacation with your baby by following some easy ways out here:

1Pack and unpack

You might have listed by now about the items you need to carry with, and for your babies. Namely baby foods, diapers, a wash-tub, a spoon, a bowl, a glass, a box of wipes, dish soap, milk bottles and other stuff, some toys and many other things. You need to pack them up smartly as per your travelling mode and ease. Not to mention of course the medicines for the mother and the baby if need be.

Do’s: As soon as you arrive you need to designate a place for all the baby stuff. This is  so that it never becomes a last minute rush.  Choose a part of your hotel room or a small room and settle down all the things for your need there in a proper manner.

Don’t: Never forget to carry your baby’s favorite toy along with you as it will keep the baby busy while you arrange for the other things.

2Meals on the wheels

Although vacations are the time to frequently change your spot from one to another for eating-out in an enjoyable manner that too when you carry a baby,  I suggest cut-short on these pleasures.

Do’s: It is important to keep ready the baby during the morning time.  It would be good if you take up your breakfast in the hotel room only and complete all the morning needs of your baby during these times. As you are taking a toll on your swimming and shopping time, these can be shifted to the afternoon or early evening times. This is because  as the whole day will be relaxing and the baby will also not trouble you much.

Don’t: Don’t carry the powdered meal of your baby in a box as it becomes inconvenient to handle while travelling. Instead keep handy a box of zipping lock bags and fill these powder as day wise usage.

3Timely providing the breastfeed

You need to manage the time as the baby should not be left with a weaker immunity. If you are a feeding mother, you should always remember this fact that your baby’s immunity is boosted and built every time you feed him/her. And it will help your baby to protect from the germs that can easily come along while you are travelling.

Do’s: You can breastfeed your kid anywhere as you feel comfortable as it is a legal act now.

Don’t: Do not let your breastfeeding count to fall less than 4 times in a day.

4Stick to a routine

Your baby’s routine in a normal day begins with a morning bath, a massage and a little play and ends with a bottle of milk, toys and lullabies.  You should do the same during your vacations too. The feeling of change in location can be as exciting to you but can be that terrible for the little ones than you.

Do’s: Try to stick to follow your baby’s morning and evening or sleep time schedules.

Don’t: Never skip a child’s morning bath, it may invite many infectious diseases to trouble you for a longer time in the near future.

5Do some trial RUNS

If you have purchased a portable travelling bed for your baby to enjoy his sound sleep in it there. Suddenly the baby cries,  waking you up continuously for two-three days or during the entire vacation.  Then you should give a thought for its actual cause.

Do’s: Have your baby sleep in it for a few nights before you will leave for the vacation. That way, it will feel like a familiar, comfy spot to go night-to-night on vacation.

Don’t: Avoid taking a room along the roadside or amidst a busy marketplace as the loud sound of any kind, like a vehicle horn or shopping crowd may disrupt his sleep and yours too.

Eat early

As your dinner time is fixed at 8.30 pm and you knocking the restaurant tables at that time. If your baby has a habit of eating by 7.00 PM then you have to re-schedule your timings.

Do’s: You need to reach the restaurants at an early time and till such time your order comes, you can feed the baby so that it does not trouble you much.

Don’t: Never shift your baby’s timetable as per your timings but you should do it vice versa.

6Go for a scenic drive

Try taking a leisurely drive to check out the nearby areas while your baby naps calmly in the back seat of your car seat is also a refreshing idea. And on some trips, you can coordinate drive time between destinations with his sleep time. It will give a lonely time to be spent with your partner and an enjoyable moment too.

Do’s: Giving a time to each one is also important and indeed you can steal these moments with them by adjusting the time as the baby sleeps.

Don’t: Do not book a room far away from a beach or a similar spot.

7Wear your baby

Walking too much is the need of an hour when you are on your tour. The major trouble comes when you have a baby with you. The most important to care here is to carry the baby as your own body part or just like kangaroo mummy’ carries their babies. Prams may also be of help.

Do’s: Wear a comfortable bag pack around your back.  You can carry you them along, either tied at your back or in the front so that you walk without worries and keep a check on your baby by yourself.

Don’t: You might have a plan of outing for 4-5 hours involving travelling, walking and other miscellaneous activities. Then you should never leave them to the care of any known or unknown person, it will stress you out unnecessarily. Also, try it out before you leave by giving a few meters walking as the real trouble you face could be known while on the way only.

8Accessories never to forget

Once you have reached your destination, you can create a small home if you are staying at a place for more than two days. You should also assemble a first-aid kit with all other supplies to deal with minor medical problems while on the road with your baby. Your baby’s ears might  seem to hurt from air-pressure changes during landing and take-off in a plane.  Encourage him to breastfeed or suck on a bottle, but in a buckled condition in your seat. You need to use your judgment here.

Do’s: Baby hat is must, to save your baby from sun and warm clothes if your travelling destination is like that type. Always ride with your baby in the back seat of the car.

Don’t: Do not increase your luggage unnecessarily. Don’t bring a million of nappies; you can buy them where you go.

Just get enquired yourself to know a general physician or paediatrician around your resting place for any type of eventuality.

All to care about is that, your travel life need not grind to a halt, just because you have become a parent. But once you are on board, much of your time is spent soothing and entertaining your baby. Do not worry much here as, the world is a friendlier place than you knew. There is no easier way to meet people than with a baby in your lap. It may become an experience, a memory that you will always enjoy. Happy Travelling! Good Luck!